Translation Services Dubai Price

Translation Services Dubai Price

Translation Services Dubai Price


Translation Services Dubai Price Dubai’s vibrant business landscape thrives on its multicultural environment.  However, this diversity can also present communication challenges when working with international clients or partners.  Professional translation services bridge this gap, ensuring clear communication and fostering successful business relationships.

This blog post will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the world of translation services in Dubai.  We’ll explore:

Key factors affecting translation costs

Finding a reliable translation provider

The benefits of investing in high-quality translations

Typical Translation Charges for Documents in the UAE

Top Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

By understanding your translation needs and choosing the right partner, you can unlock new opportunities and propel your Dubai business to the next level.

The language used in translation significantly impacts the cost due to several factors:

  1. Language Pair Complexity: The complexity of translating between specific language pairs can vary. Some languages have closer linguistic similarities, making translation easier and less time-consuming. Conversely, translating between languages with different linguistic roots or structures can be more challenging and therefore more costly.
  2. Availability of Translators: The availability of qualified translators for certain language pairs affects pricing. If there is a higher demand for translators in a particular language pair and a limited supply of skilled translators, the cost of translation services for that language pair may increase.
  3. Specialized Expertise: Certain languages require specialized expertise or domain knowledge. For example, legal or technical translation into a less common language may require a translator with specific expertise in that field, leading to higher costs.
  4. Volume and Demand: Popular languages with high demand for translation services may have more competitive pricing due to a larger pool of translators. Conversely, less common languages with lower demand may have higher costs due to the limited availability of translators.
  5. Urgency of Translation: Urgent translation requests often come with higher costs, regardless of the language pair. Translating into less common languages under tight deadlines may require premium rates to secure a qualified translator.
  6. Cultural Nuances and Context: Languages with unique cultural nuances and context may require additional time and effort to accurately convey meaning, impacting translation costs.

Translation Services Dubai Price In summary, the language pair’s complexity, availability of translators, specialized expertise required, volume of demand, urgency of translation, and cultural considerations all contribute to variations in translation costs based on the languages involved.

Typical Translation Charges for Documents in the UAE

Translation Services Dubai Price charges for documents in the UAE can vary depending on several factors such as the type of document, language pair, complexity, and urgency of the translation. For common documents like

Legal Documents Translation:

Legal documents such as contracts, court orders, and power of attorney may need accurate translation for legal purposes. The average cost of legal document translation in the UAE is typically between AED 0.25 to AED 0.50 per word or AED 65 to AED 379 per page.

Immigration Documents Translation:

Translation Services Dubai Price Expatriates moving to the UAE often require translated immigration documents like visas, work permits, or residence permits.

The cost of translating immigration documents in the UAE may range from AED 50 to AED 200 per page, or AED 0.20 to AED 1.00 per word, on average.

Standard Translation Services

Apart from legal translations, standard translation services for less complex documents between English and Arabic are available at AED 40 + VAT for every 100 to 250 words per page. These services are ideal for non-legal content that requires quick turnaround and accuracy.

Translation Services for International Languages

Translation Services Dubai Price For translations into other international languages, costs can vary significantly, ranging from AED 100 to AED 250 per page based on complexity, volume, and urgency of the project. Given Dubai’s multicultural landscape, there is a demand for a wide range of language services to accommodate diverse business and personal needs.

Marriage Certificate Translation:

A marriage certificate is an official document that validates the legal union between two individuals. If one or both spouses need to present the certificate in a country where a different language is spoken, translation into the official language of that country is essential.

This translation is crucial for the marriage to be legally recognized in the UAE or any other country where it is being used. The cost of translating a marriage certificate can vary from AED 200 to AED 750 per page, depending on the translation provider and the language required.

Birth Certificate Translation:

Translation Services Dubai Price of a birth certificate is essential to verify a child’s birth for various purposes, including residency applications, school enrollments, or citizenship applications.

The cost of translating a birth certificate in the UAE generally falls between AED 100 and AED 350 per page. However, prices may differ depending on the translation service provider.

Driving License Translation:

Translation Services Dubai Price In the UAE, expatriates with an international driving license may drive temporarily. However, obtaining a UAE driving license may require translating the original license and any accompanying documents, such as eye test reports, into Arabic or the relevant local language.

The cost of translating a driving license in the UAE can range from AED 325.00 to AED 585.00 or more, depending on various factors. Urgent or certified translations may incur higher costs.

Educational Certificates Translation:

Educational certificates, including diplomas, degrees, transcripts, and academic records, often require translation for purposes like university applications or employment in the UAE.

Educational certificates like diplomas and degrees often require translation for validation in the UAE. The cost can be around AED 50 to AED 379 per document, depending on the type of certificate and language.

These are approximate costs and may vary based on factors such as language, complexity, urgency, and the translation service provider.

Get More for Less: Top Tips to Reduce Translation Costs

Translation Services Dubai Price Reducing translation costs while maintaining quality is important for individuals and businesses seeking language services. Here are some tips to help achieve this:

Provide Clean and Well-Prepared Source Content: Delivering clean, well-formatted, and organized source content to the translator can reduce the time spent on formatting and preparing the text for translation. This can lead to cost savings since translators can focus solely on the translation task. Extra editing or revision fees can add up quickly.

Consolidate Content for Bulk Translation: If you have multiple documents or pieces of content needing translation, consider consolidating them into larger projects. Translators often offer discounts for larger volumes of work, which can result in cost savings per word or project.

Clarify Your Requirements Upfront: Communicate your translation requirements, including target audience, tone, style preferences, and any specific terminology or glossaries to be used. This reduces the need for revisions and ensures the translator meets your expectations from the start, minimizing additional costs.

Provide Reference Materials and Glossaries: If you have existing translations, glossaries, or reference materials, share them with your translator. This helps maintain consistency in terminology and style, reducing the time required for research and improving translation accuracy.

Plan and Avoid Rush Jobs: Avoid last-minute or rush translation requests whenever possible. Urgent projects often incur rush fees, so planning and providing ample time for translation allows for more competitive pricing.

Consider Machine Translation for Initial Drafts: Machine translation (MT) can be used for generating initial drafts of translations, which can then be post-edited by human translators. This hybrid approach can save costs while maintaining quality, especially for large volumes of content.

Choose Experienced and Specialized Translators: While cost-effective translation options may be appealing, prioritize quality by selecting experienced and specialized translators for your specific industry or subject matter. Quality translations reduce the need for revisions and ultimately save costs in the long run.

By implementing these tips, you can optimize your translation budget without compromising on the quality and accuracy of your translated content.

Al Resala Legal Translation Services Translation Services: High Quality, Competitive Prices

At Al Resala Legal Translation Services in Dubai, we understand the need for exceptional quality and affordability.  Our dedicated team of experts prioritizes excellence and professionalism, allowing us to deliver top-notch translations at competitive rates.

Transparent Pricing:

Translation Services Dubai Price We consider several factors when determining your translation costs:

Language Pair: Common language pairings are more cost-effective, while rarer languages may require specialized translators.

Word Count: We offer per-word pricing with discounts for larger projects.

Complexity: Technical documents might require specialized expertise, impacting the cost.

Turnaround Time: Rush projects may incur additional fees.

Additional Services: Proofreading, editing, or desktop publishing will be factored into the final price.

Get a Personalized Quote:

Translation Services Dubai Price Due to these variables, a fixed rate isn’t always possible.  Simply send us your project details, and we’ll provide a prompt and personalized quote.

We offer flexible billing options, including per word, per hour, or page depending on the project and your preference.  Our goal is to satisfy your needs and deliver exceptional service at a competitive price.

Flexible Payment Options:

We offer a variety of convenient payment methods for your convenience:

Credit and Debit Cards

Bank Transfers


Checks (for corporate clients)

At Al Resala Legal Translation Services, we are committed to providing exceptional legal translation solutions that empower your business to thrive in the global marketplace.

Here are some additional benefits you can highlight:

  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines.
  • Competitive rates that fit your budget.
  • A secure and confidential translation process.
  • A team of experts with industry-specific knowledge.
  • 24/7 customer support for your convenience.

Why settle for other translation services when you can rely on Al Resala Legal Translation Services to deliver accurate and timely results at an affordable price? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can assist you effectively.

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