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Our team

arabic to english translation dubai Our team includes certified translation specialists who possess professional linguistic skills and an in-depth understanding of legal texts. We recognize the intricacies involved with law, which is culture-oriented knowledge that necessitates effective communication and transparency during interpretation. Through our expert professionals, we ensure that Legal Translation Services in Dubai matches global standards and meets client requirements — guaranteeing ease when putting it to use anywhere worldwide as its quality surpasses expectations effortlessly.


Our belief lies in ensuring customer satisfaction.


english to arabic translation dubai Our top priority is ensuring our customers receive precise and prompt certified legal translations in Dubai. We are determined and meeting our deadlines are our priorities, our clients’ satisfaction throughout the entire phase of translation is our aim. So, this is the reason we have been known among the most reliable translation service providers legal translation services, especially Arabic-to-English and English-to-Arabic legal translation services in Dubai.


Our Certified Translation Services


arabic to english translation dubai  As certified legal translators, we specialize in translating Arabic to English and over 150 other languages. Our services are available for certification both locally at DUBAI as well as worldwide.


Translation Cost


english to arabic translation dubai At our center Al Resala Translation Company, we offer cost-effective and prompt solutions for a diverse range of certified legal translation services. Our highly proficient team comprises young professionals with extensive expertise across various law fields, together with competent translators capable of swiftly delivering precise and efficient document translations in the language you require. Trust us as your authorized provider to handle all your legal translation needs effectively and efficiently.


Our Expertise


english to arabic translation dubai Our expertise lies in translating legal documents into more than 150 languages worldwide. With our extensive coverage and experienced linguistic team, we excel at handling niche-specific projects.

arabic to english translation dubai  Our proficiency lies in customized translation solutions tailored to each client’s individual requirements. If you need a website translated, we can deliver that for you. Should proofreading and editing services be necessary, our team of specialists is always at hand to assist!


arabic to english translation dubai  Our areas of expertise additionally extend to the translation needs relating to legal immigration documents along with interpretation, subtitling amongst others.

 If you require legal translation services in Dubai, simply approach us and we will handle it with efficiency and professionalism within the desired time frame.

 We excel in providing Arabic to English legal translation services in Dubai, catering to all our customers’ needs for various types of translations and interpretations.

 Significance of Legal Translation

 english to arabic translation dubai includes various official documents and should not be mistaken for technical or judicial translation as the dissimilarities are significant…

 Legal translation requires the skillful rendering of weighty and occasionally confidential documents, including summonses, warrants, office budgets, government notices etc., into another language.

arabic to english translation dubai   The act of legal translation encompasses various tasks, such as the conversion of remittance drafts and immigration papers into their desired language. In particular, English to Arabic legal translation requires translating official texts, reports, proceedings, and other related materials.

 In both Dubai and globally, it is crucial to comprehend the locale in which a client’s business operates when handling legal translations. This ensures that we can incorporate any cultural subtleties of established laws accurately. Our proficient translators promptly address clients’ needs with such precision that revising or correcting their work is seldom necessary.


 english to arabic translation dubai Al Resala Translation Company in dubai 

arabic to english translation dubai  At Al Resala, our linguistic experts also possess legal knowledge. We have a deep understanding that Dubai’s population is diverse. These people are driven by their extensive business or career plans all of whom require top-notch translation services with short turnaround times.

 english to arabic translation dubai Our impeccable track record is proof of delivering high-quality translations in keeping up with our commitment to providing time-sensitive document translations for any need without compromising quality standards at any cost!

 At Al Resala, we have become a professional Translation Agency in Dubai. As a certified legal translation service provider, we prioritize going above and beyond to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our team possesses both the expertise and sophisticated technology necessary to deliver exceptional results – even on seemingly routine document tasks.

arabic to english translation dubai In addition to utilizing a document translator, we provide our clients with specially designated interpreters who familiarize themselves with the client’s business type and location as well as any cultural implications. This greatly assists our translators when interpreting legally nuanced aspects of the text.

 english to arabic translation dubai We assure our customers of precise certificate attestation services throughout the UAE, at reasonable prices. Our facilities cover an extensive variety of documents – from single pages to comprehensive documents.

english to arabic translation dubai Our translation rates are unbeatable in the market as we provide both per-page and per-word options. A simple calculation will confirm that our pricing is unmatched by any other industry player.

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