Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai is the main language of Dubai. So you must bring an Arabic translation of any of your official documents when you come to Dubai or any state of UAE. Al Resala Translation Services Dubai is a recommended translation company that provides top-notch quality English-Arabic translation for all your documents.


The Significance of Arabic Translation Services

Arabic Translation in Dubai is one of the six most-spoken languages in the world. A main feature of legal translation in Dubai is English to Arabic Translation and vice versa.

 This is because:

  • Arabic Translation in Dubai Legal documents are mostly required from Arabic to English Translation or from English to Arabic Translation:
  • Anyone who wants a “translation company near me” can find it easily as there are many service providers for legal Arabic Translation in Dubai.
  • Immigration documents are usually from Arabic to English.
  • People who tend to work or open their business in Dubai must know that their documents must be in Arabic to be accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education, and other government entities.
  • Arabic-to-English translation and English-to-Arabic translation in Dubai are also needed for medical, technical, Business, e-learning, and many other fields. If you need any help in your Arabic document translation, contact Al Resala Translation Services to provide you with your translation needs.

 Why do you choose Al Resala Translation Agency Dubai?

 Arabic Translation in Dubai We have expert legal translators: At Al Resala, which is one of the best translation companies in Dubai, we have professional translators who provide top-notch quality. Our linguists are experts in legal translation and have a strong background in how to cover the socio-cultural gap between English and Arabic written translation and language systems.

 We know all the legal aspects:

arabic translation services in dubai When a client needs ‘English to Arabic Translation in Dubai’, and decides to choose us, our legal professional translators can translate the minute details and keep attention to the differences in legal systems between the Shariat Law and the English Law. Our priority is to understand the requirements of our clients and translate them according to their needs.

 Expertise in both Arabic and English:

Arabic Translation in Dubai At Al Resala, the team endeavors to help clients effectively communicate with their target audience, and get the intended message across loud and clear. Our translators have the experience to deliver Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations for different types of documents.

 Our Specialties

arabic translation services in dubai  With deep experience in translating various types of documents, we ensure confidentiality and commitment to the translating documents, we also have quick turnover.

 We provide:

 Professional translation of documents

Business translations

Annual Report translation

Legal translation

Technical Translation

Website content translations

Marketing Translation

Product description translations

Games Translation


Media translations


Al Resala Translation Company Provides:

  English to Arabic translation services:

Arabic Translation in Dubai We provide accurate, exact translation services in Dubai, not word-by-word translation. that can pass the examination of any official entity, as you can get the chances of your documents being accepted without revisions. Our Arabic translation services in Dubai and legal translation services are considered the best services that meet the highest standards of translation.

 Proofreading services for Arabic and English:

Al Resala arabic translation services in dubai  is the most well-known Translation Agency in Dubai provides Arabic to English Legal Translation in Dubai. Proofreading service is also provided by Al Resal Translation Company for our clients to provide them with the correct, clear, and most accurate translation. We also have, interpreters of legal documents as well as general documents such as memorandums and advertisements. Our professional pool of translators can proofread even the most complicated legal content accurately, to ensure the highest quality for translation.

 Interpreting services for Arabic and English:

Al Resala Arabic Translation in Dubai  provides interpretation services, for interpretation services, nothing is easy for Arabic to English translation services or English to Arabic translation. We take interpretation services seriously and do many checks prior to delivering the translated document; especially in legal translation a single misinterpreted word can change the whole meaning and may lead you to legal issues.

 Localization services for Arabic translation in Dubai:

English-to-Arabic localization services are mostly required in Dubai. IT companies, developers, and software need English to Arabic localization services to penetrate new markets, and many new businesses also come to us to localize their business and introduce it to new audiences. Legal translation and localization in Dubai are considered a major part of our work at Al Resala.


arabic translation services in dubai To sum up, Al Resala Translation Agency in Dubai stands out as a prominent choice for all your Arabic translation needs. With our professional legal translators, a deep understanding of the legal aspects, and expertise in both Arabic and English, we deliver top-notch quality translations. From professional document translation to proofreading and interpreting services, we have you covered. Experience our services and let us bridge the language gap for you.

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